14 Ways To Spot A Great Boss In A Job Interview

Hiring new employees is an arduous task. Not only are new job candidates on display during the interview process but your company is under the microscope, as potential hires weigh your business’ strengths and weaknesses.

Job candidates evaluate everything about your business, including the leaders at the helm. The effectiveness of your company leader is imperative to the hiring process. With the average CEO rating at only 69%, according to a report by Glassdoor, the need for bosses to be engaged is growing and sought after by new job candidates.

What should you watch for to know you’re are dealing with a great leader/boss in a job interview?

Use Empowering Language

To spot a great leader or boss, listen to their language. If it’s empowering, one of ownership and commitment to their values, that’s an excellent sign. Also, ask them to tell you about when they’ve failed and how they recovered from it. See if it resonates with your work style.

Originally posted on Forbes.com.

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