Take Charge of Your Career

Take charge of Your Career: Internships Aren’t Just for Students

Take charge of your career: Internships aren't just for students

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives. It is carving out new career paths while pushing traditional careers to evolve. This has changed education requirements and occupational skills required in today’s workforce. It has changed organizational design and international business operations. Faced with these rapid changes, you need to educate yourself and stay aware to plan your career. You chosen industry can change in the outside world while you’re studying at college.

Don’t be a victim of change. Design your career plan to be flexible enough to be adaptable. Create a set of career goals with options and strategies. Base the plan on your personality, interests, skills and values. You’ll be able to manage your career and make the most of the changes within the job market and economy. In order to do this, you need to go beyond studying and actually work in the field.

Take Charge of Your Career

Your career is your responsibility. To be successful you will need the right skills to face every challenge. You must both plan and take action to gain the training and education you need to sustain your career plans. A great way to do this is by gaining collective experiences for your chosen career.

Graduate and student “internships” are an excellent ways for graduates to get training and to find a job. Internships make candidates more attractive to employers because it shows both commitment and dedication. If you have experience working for a similar organization or company, you will be far more prepared to work in for a company.
Internships provide great experiences to participants. It benefits the interns by providing far more than just work experience. It also demonstrates what it is really like to work for a certain company or in a particular industry. Lastly, internships help you build contacts with recruiters and managers. This can later assist with full-time employment negotiations.

How Do You Find An Internship?

Yes, many colleges offer internship programs. But consider using a service such as InternU as well. This organization aids students by helping them fill the gap between school and the real world. InternU offers a wider range of internship options to students without draining college resources.

InternU takes a consultative method to aid students and companies. It matches graduates with companies and offers an ideal return on investment for all parties. InternU is expanding its services, and now offers the ApprenticeU and FutureU workshops to help students maximize their skill set to meet their career goals.

Be Committed To Your Internship

You will need to work hard. If you find yourself “only” making coffee and filing, don’t take the internship lightly. Ask questions, stay flexible, and show commitment regardless of the “grunt” work. Your willingness to do the work will open doors for you later. An internship is what you make of it. By going above and beyond what’s required, you will create an excellent impression as well as gain experience. This could lead to an excellent reference letter or even a job offer (don’t forget; if you leave the company at the internship’s end period be sure to get that recommendation letter for your files).

Get Out There

By doing internships while you’re still studying or even after graduation, you will become more skilled and more valuable to employers. You will also learn where your knowledge is deficient—and be able to take steps to educate yourself. Don’t overlook this excellent way to develop your career plans and build your future.

Need help honing or creating your company’s internship program? There’s a fantastic resource for internships is based right here in the Philadelphia area, called InternU. InternU is redefining internships for both students and business. InternU uses an intense screening process to recruit the best students. InternU also provides the cultural and ethical training needed to be responsible in the workplace.

Note: Kelly Meerbott is not affiliated with InternU.

Originally posted on Philadelphia Business Journal, August 6, 2015.

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